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How to Organize and Manage WordPress Blog

No doubt that WordPress is the king of all blogging platforms. The features, tools and function that WordPress provides are outstanding. Specially Plugin Installation made it very easy for a normal WordPress user to easily implement any feature without editing codes. Similarly you can add pages, media and other useful function to your WordPress blog, however it is very important to organize and mange your blog in proper way. Following tips will help you in making your blog well-organized and managed.
organizing wordpress blog
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1. Plugin Installation
Be sure to install only trusted plugins in your WordPress blog. Some time third-party plugins can crash you blog design, so be careful in plugin installation. Also remember that plugin plays very important role in your blog design, install the most popular and relevant plugins in your blog. For example “Popular Post”, “Author Bio”, “All in One SEO”, “All in one YPN” and so on.
2. NAV Menu
Navigation menu is also one of the most important area in a blog. Be sure to provide a very enhance and simple navigation menu to your readers. It will help you in increasing your Alexa rank + reduce bounce rate + increase Page Preview.
3. Footer
Normally in all WordPress themes there is footer area where bloggers can show important links and information. However if your theme has no footer then it is time to add a cool and attractive footer to your theme. It helps you in adding extra links in the bottom of your blog. For example “About”, “Related Posts” and “Tags” etc..


1. Links
Don’t lose your links, because links are the main source of traffic. Always create new backlinks for your blog, because if due to any reason you lose your previous links, then the new link will replace the deficiency. Links are also effecting your blog Page Rank, new links will keep your existing Page Rank stable.
Always moderate comments in less time  and accept quality and informative comments. Evaluate comments for spam and respond to every comment made in your blog. It helps in making discussion more live and attractive for new users to add his or her opinion.
Extra Tips:- Care about Post quality not quantity.

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