Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guest Blogging- A Long Term Promotional Strategy

We saw rapid increase in guest posting at blogging industry, because the benefits of guest posting on a blog are more than the time spend on creating back link through any other mean. The relevancy and quality of a link that you will get from a blog is more useful and stable then link exchange, directory submission or from any other mean. However apart from back links there are some other benefits that guest posting has brought in blogging industry. I would like to elaborate other possible benefits that you will get from guest posting in other blogs.
1. Stable SERP
If guest posting done effectively, then your blog search engine rank position will be stable for your targeted keywords. As the  anchor text used for the link in a guest post will be relevant to the article you have submitted, thus the value of the link will also be good. Google only counts quality and relevant links in Search Engine Rank Position.
2. Exposure
The posts which you will submit to a blog, will rank in search engine and will bring new traffic to the blog. Ultimate result will be click on your blog link at your Author Bio, thus you will get long-term traffic from the posts.
3. Technorati Authority
As you all know Technorati is considered to be the popular blog search engine. It ranks only those blogs which has more authority. Authority is measured on the basis of links, the more link from other blogs, the better will be your blog authority. Guest posting is the only possible way to get links from all those blogs which accepts guest posts.
4. Alexa Rank
Traffic is the key thing to increase your Alexa rank. Advertiser care about a blog Alexa rank, now if you will submit a guest post to a blog which has high Alexa rank. You will definitely get traffic from that blog and in result your own blog Alexa rank will also get improved.
5. New Readers and Subscribers
It is difficult to increase your blog subscribers and readers in short time, however guest posting enables you to expose your blog to the blogging community and in result your blog subscribers and readers will slowly increase with the passage of time.
If you select guest posting as your blog promotional strategy, then you must wait for the result, because quality things always come with the passage of time. Submitting 50 articles to guest posting blog will significantly increase your blog ranking, popularity, readers, subscribers and overall performance of your blog.

Author Bio:- Bilal Ahmad is a part-time blogger, running a blog Techmaish, where bloggers can Submit Guest Post related to blogging, social media, technology, computer and internet.


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