Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Find Guest Bloggers For Your Blog

Being a blogger, I always love to get guest bloggers for my blog. Guest bloggers provide some quality posts for your blog. When you don’t have anything to write, guest bloggers can help you in getting some quality posts and your readers will keep getting the regular posts. If it is difficult for you to find guest bloggers for your blog then this post may be useful for you.
Guest blogging is give and take process. Bloggers submit guest posts on other blogs so that they can get exposure to their blog along with some traffic and quality back links. So before asking others to guest blog on your blog, you must make sure that you have good monthly traffic and readership. If you have good PR, then task of getting guest bloggers will become easier.
  1. Add A “Write for Us” Page To Your Blog
    If you really want to get some guest bloggers for your blog then this is must for you to add a “Write for Us” page to your blog. It will inform your blog readers that you accept guest posts. Some of your readers may be bloggers who might be looking for guest blogging opportunities on other blogs. So if you add a “Write for Us” page to your blog they may submit a guest post on your blog.
  2. Search For Guest Bloggers On MyBlogGuestMyBlogGuest is a forum for guest bloggers. You can find a lot of people to guest blog on your blog there. You can submit a new topic there that you are looking for guest bloggers for your blog with details about guest blogging on your blog. You must mention all the benefits of guest blogging on your blog there. If you offer revenue sharing to your guest bloggers then you must also mention it there. MyBlogGuest will give you best guest bloggers. After submitting my blog there, I got some new guest bloggers who submitting some quality posts here on TricksDaddy.
  3. Search On Other Blogs
    It is not the best way but it may work for you. You must look for other blogs in your niche who accept guest blogging. Search on these blogs for guest posts and personally approach the author of the guest post to guest blog on your blog too. You must politely ask him about guest blogging on your blog and give him all the reasons to guest blog on your blog.
  4. Approach Other Bloggers
    If you are into blogging for some time now and you have got links with other bloggers then you can approach other bloggers by email and ask them whether they are interested in guest blogging for your blog. This method will work for sure if the author of blog is a good friend of yours and his blog is smaller than you. Bloggers always love to guest blog on high-profile blogs so find other blogs smaller than yours to make sure that they will guest blog on your blog.
  5. Ask On Social Networking Sites
    I am using Facebook and twitter for long time now. I have seen that even high-profile bloggers are looking for guest bloggers. They usually ask on Facebook and twitter if somebody wants to guest blog on their blogs. I think it is the good of finding guest bloggers for your blog. If you have got a large list of friends and followers on Facebook and twitter then it is not difficult task for you.
I hope these tips will help you in getting guest bloggers for your blog. I would love to know what methods you follow to get guest bloggers for your blog.

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