Saturday, June 18, 2011

Submit Guest Post

Submit Guest Post

TricksDaddy invites guest authors who like to write here as guest authors. When you write for TricksDaddy, along with free backlinks and exposure, you will also make money from your articles with our 100% revenue sharing program.

This article includes :

§                    Why should you write for TricksDaddy
§                    100% Revenue sharing program
§                    Basic guidelines for guest blogging

Why should you write for TricksDaddy

You will get the following benefits when you write for TricksDaddy :
Free Promotion of your article : When you write for TricksDaddy, your article will automatically be promoted on various social media websites. It means you will get a lot of exposure and new blog readers.
Get Featured on Homepage : If you write quality article, your article will get featured on homepage. It will give your article a lot of exposure.
Make money with revenue sharing program : If you have an adsense account, you can make money from your articles with our 100% revenue sharing program. It means you will get paid for your efforts.
Free Backlinks : You will get free backlinks from your articles. Below the title of the article, your name will be displayed along with a link to your blog. You can also link to one of articles on your blog. There will also be author info column at the end of each article. All the links are do-follow.
Rewards for best articles : Yes, you may also be rewarded if your article gets popular on social media websites. Our articles get popular easily on social websites like SU, Digg. You are also free to promote your articles on social websites. Rewards may include free advertisement at TricksDaddy, free genuine software key, free Rapidshare premium account, direct cash reward.

100% Revenue Sharing Program

TricksDaddy has highly transparent revenue sharing program. It means you are free to use your own adsense code inside your posts. I don’t keep any share of the money you make from your article, you will get 100% share of the money you earn through your articles on TricksDaddy.

Guidelines For Guest Bloggers

§                    Niche : Your article should be according to the niche of our blog.
§                    Screenshot/Videos/links : Provide screenshots videos and links to your articles where-ever required. Screenshots make articles more readable. Videos can be added to show video tutorials and demos.
§                    Credit : If you refer to other articles or images, a proper credit must be given to the original content owner.
§                    You can add links to other articles in your post but care must be taken as excessive linking can damage the quality of your post.
§                    Copyright : I accept only original content. You can not copy articles even from your own blog. Such articles will not be accepted.
If you have any questions, queries or suggestions regarding guest blogging, Feel free to contact me via contact us page.
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