Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Manage And Organize Your Post Ideas

If you have already read my previous post on How to get post ideas for innovative writing then you might have learned some tips to get blog post ideas. In case if you have missed it, you should read that post before moving further in this post.
Getting a post idea is not the only job  but one should also learn to manage and organize their ideas. It happens many times in the life of bloggers when we get some ideas and we think to write them later on. But when we start writing we forget the ideas. It happened with me many times when I lost my valuable ideas. So now I started managing my ideas.

Tips to Manage Post Ideas

Use Notes Application of Your Mobile Phone

Whenever an idea strikes my mind, I use the notes application of my Nokia mobile phone to write about it. What I basically do is, I write the title of the post and few lines about it so that I can easily write about it later. If the idea came to your mind from some reference or from some inspiration work, you can also write about that. Most of the times I use this method.

Keep a Notepad With You

If you are a blogger then you should make a habit of keeping a notepad and of-course a pen with you always. This is because you can write about your ideas on your notepad. Suppose you are traveling in a bus and you want to kill your free time. Then pick your notepad and pen and start writing something in your notepad like about your blogging experience, what you learned in your blogging career, anything that you found interesting. It will surely help you to sharpen your mind and also to improve your writing skills.

Use Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are also very useful to remember the things that we have to do. When you are working on your PC and an idea strikes your mind. Take a sticky note, write on it and paste it on your computer table. ASAT. Whenever my friends come to my place they always look at these sticky notes as they are the most noticeable thing on my computer table :D
I hope these tips will help you to manage and organize your post ideas. I would love to know how you manage your ideas :)

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