Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Get Post Ideas For Innovative Writing

The most important factor behind the success of any blogger is to get innovative post ideas. The great the idea, the great will be the post. The idea should not only be great but it should be original too. And if the ideas are great and original, you will break all the boundaries to get a hell lot of traffic. I have always thought that it takes more time to write an article than to come up with an idea but sometimes conditions become opposite. At certain times, most of the bloggers don’t get any post idea even after thinking for a lot of time. Such conditions make us worried about our blog. But don’t worry, in this article I’m going to explain some strategies that you can use to get post ideas for your blog.

Get Post Ideas !

How To Get Post Ideas

Listen to other’s problems

It may be the most effective way to get post ideas. When you listen to the problems of other’s, you will get really great ideas as there will always be more people who face the same problem and are looking for solutions to that problem. But you may not always get the people who approach you for solutions to their problems. I write a lot of articles in response to questions asked by other users to me.

Take part in forum discussions

Forums are always been a great source to get post ideas. A lot of people are talking there on certain topics. Chose the forums of your blog’s niche and start taking part in discussions. I always preferDigital Points Forums.

Read Magazines/Newspapers

If you have habit of reading magazines and newspapers then its great for you otherwise make a habit of it. Reading magazines and newspapers will surely help you to get some post ideas. Being a designer, I always read these for two purposes – One for post ideas and other for its design. Some magazines are well-managed and can help a lot in web design project. You may also get color combinations for your next web design project from magazines and newspapers. In-spite of getting post ideas and design inspiration they will surely help you to improve your writing skills.

Look at comments on other blogs

Looking at the heading you might be thinking how other’s comments can help you in getting post ideas. But this is something that I have experienced at my own. Comments on any article add more value to the article. There may be users who ask questions in the comments and these questions may be turned into a detailed article :D So from now onwards whenever you read articles on other blogs, don’t forget to read their comments.

Use search meter WordPress plugin

Search Meter is a WordPress plugin that records what people are searching for on your blog. It shows you both the successful and unsuccessful search keywords. By using unsuccessful search keywords, you can start writing posts for your readers.

Use StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the best source for generating traffic as well as for getting post ideas. You can stumble article related to your blog’s niche. I mostly stumble articles in the Computers category onWeb Development, Weblogs, Internet tools, Firefox, Softwares etc. There are lots of categories, chose the once according to your blog’s niche and start stumbling through articles. If you get any freeware tool that you think will be useful for your readers, you can write a post about it.

Keep on experimenting

Blogging is all about personal experiences and experiments. You should keep on experimenting new things that will not only improve your knowledge but also give you ideas to write posts for your readers. Recently I have announced guest blogging here on TricksDaddy. After doing all the settings, there was one problem that my guest bloggers were not able to upload images to their posts. I stumbled upon Internet and got the solution and also wrote the article on it, you can check it outhere. You can also get post ideas in this way.
If you also know any such idea that can help in getting post ideas, you are welcome to share your thoughts via comments :)

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