Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Make Your Blog More Fun?

When you started out blogging the first time I am sure you remember the excitement that you felt. You saw an endless road of possibilities and imagined what the future of your blog looks like. But somehow, somewhere down the road it gets easy to get side-tracked and your blog loses the shine. It is important that your blog is fun and is interesting for readers. Rolling out one article for another simply will not make your blog fun for readers. You need to make it more interactive and innovative; I know that it is easier said than done. So here are a few tips to make your blog more fun so that readers look forward to visiting your blog:


Hold interesting contests that is not too difficult for a common blogger to participate in. Offer cash prizes of $30 or so and watch your blog get a bump in traffic. There are many bloggers who want to make money online give them a fun way to earn it through your blog while you enjoy the traffic benefits and the bump in traffic that contest are well-known to give. Moreover, participants who did not win the contest would also come back to re-visit your blog for sure.

Current News

Posting current news may seem like what all bloggers do on any big update. But you must make it a point to try and be the first one who posts breaking news. And then do a follow-up on it by writing on how the latest news will affect the bloggers or readers in your niche. Many people report the current news and issues on their blog but rarely do they discuss the impacts of the recent developments.

Invite Guest Authors

You must work to send a personal email to bloggers who you would like to have on your blog as guest authors. Having guest authors will add value and variety to your blog. This will also make it more interesting for your readers to read. Also this way you will get another blogger who will now follow your blog. But before you approach bloggers to post on your blog – make sure your blog has some content and readership established already.


Hold surveys on your blog. Make sure that the questions on your surveys are interesting and then once results are out, you can write a post on the majority poll. You can find out the inference of the poll result and what is the thought of the majority. This is another way to make your blog more fun.
These are some ways to make your blog fun for the readers. Do you have any more tips to share?


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