Sunday, June 12, 2011

13 Ways a Blogger Can Use Social Media

If you are a blogger reading this article then most likely you’d be having accounts on almost all popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn and many others. And, since you are already having an online presence on social media networks, we’ve compiled a list of ways in which bloggers can use social media websites.
To get some direct traffic – Well, this is the most common use of social media websites. Social media websites is a great platform where you can share your content with your readers and get some extra traffic to your blog.
To interact with your readers – As a blogger, you can use social media websites for interacting with your readers, to follow-up with them or to take their feedback about your posts. As majority of readers are too busy to leave comments. Social media websites fill this gap between readers and bloggers by providing an easy and effective platform where readers can provide their feedback to bloggers.
To get idea for new posts – Social media websites are like gold mines of ideas for bloggers. You can get hundreds of UNIQUE ideas on social media websites just by listening to the conversations of your target audience.
To get latest information about industry – Keep yourself updated with the latest news and happenings in your niche is essential for every blogger these days. And, Social media websites with its unparalleled access to information are a great aid which every blogger can use to keep him updated about his industry.
To find sponsors and advertisers – Almost, every business owner knows the importance of social media websites and its impact on the behavior of its consumer. Due to which, bloggers having established social media presence are more likely to get new sponsors and advertisers than bloggers with no or very low social media presence.
To network with other bloggers/PR professionals of industry – Sharing unique and useful information on social media websites helps you to put yourself on the radar of other bloggers and PR professional of the industry and provides with you with an opportunity to network and to build relationships with them.
To share information from different sources – Well, as a blogger you know that it is not feasible to post every single thing on your blog. Most of the times while browsing internet, you see some good bits of information which you wanted to share but can’t write a post of it just due to lack of time. But now you can do this with the help of social media websites just by posting links to useful information in your social media profile.
To share off-topic things – Well, this is a kind of follow-up of the previous point. Social media websites are a great way to share useful information with your readers that is not related directly to your blog.
To add personalized touch - Real time communication with social media websites helps you to add a personalized touch to your interaction with your readers which was not possible or was not so effective earlier when the only way readers can contact you were by filling your contact information.
To find guest posting opportunities – Social websites like twitter and niche bloggers groups like parenting bloggers groups on Ning or yahoo are a great way to find relevant blogs and to do Guest posts on them. Also you can use guest post groups like MyBlogGuest and BloggerLinkUp to find guest posting opportunities.
To Market for introverts – Well if you are an introvert person and are not comfortable in interacting with people then social media websites are a great way for you to interact with others.
For scheduling purposes – To be a successful blogger, you must know how to use your time more efficiently. Else, you will find yourself spending most of your time chatting with your friends and reading stories on other blogs. You can use social media websites like Twitter and Facebook for scheduling and to set reminders for useful events.
To make announcements – You can use social media websites for doing some important real-time announcements like announcing a contest date, results, and live updates from blog events which in not possible by regular blogging.

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