Sunday, June 12, 2011

4 Great Steps To Be a Successful Blogger

Blogging is something that is now being done everywhere on the internet, the number of people successful in the blogging field is just a fraction of those blogging. How can you be a blogging success? Here are some tips below that will help you be a successful blogger.

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1. Passion
Blogging with passion is an essential step to become a successful blogger. You can blog in several niches and even make thousands of dollars every month, you do so many things and make money online but real success only lies in your passion. For you to be able to be successful in blogging, you have to first discover your passion. How can you discover your passion? Try to observe yourself, what do you love doing to the extent of sacrificing your food, sleep and many other vital things to? What is it that you just don’t know how you always find yourself doing it? It is your passion; it might look difficult when starting especially when you see others making money in other niches but the ultimate success lies in your passion. Blogging your passion also helps you move forward at a fast pace and it also helps you last long in your niche. Blogging your passion also helps you to become an authority easily because you know a lot about the subject you are blogging about.
2. Learn
There is nothing you know in life without having a foundation of learning, you might come up with an idea no one gave to you, but you know something in that line before you ever came up with that idea. You need to keep learning new things in order to continue to provide value to your readers; you have to continue to effectively research. Your readers consider you as an authority, they believe you have all the solution to their problems and you have to keep up with their believe. Imagine blogging for two years while posting articles three times a week, that is about 312 articles in two years; without reading and learning new things, how do you expect to come up with such article ideas, how do you think you can cope with that. You have to continue to expand your knowledge everyday. You have to be frequenting blogs or sites of authority bloggers and those providing value in your niche. Keep learning, keep meeting the needs of your readers by teaching them what you learn and they will like you for this.
3. Consistency
“If it was that easy, not everybody will be doing it. As long as it is not everybody in the world that is blogging and as long as it is not only you that is blogging then you have to be consistent. Blogging truly provide value, blogging has so many advantages, in fact blogging the right way is a treasure but only those that are consistent and patient enough can unlock this treasure. Look at the history of successful bloggers such as Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak and the likes, they all will tell you they have been blogging for years, why not days? Why not weeks? Why not months? Why years? Because success does not come overnight, you have to be consistent with the blogging game in order to be a success.
4. Adaptation
Sure you are a blogger? You operate on the internet? Let’s look into the history of search engines, you can never think Google will be the search giant now, nobody ever thought twitter will be this great now and also, nobody ever thought myspace will be this damned now! Think about it. Web technology continues to change over time, you have to keep yourself updated and adapting with the latest technologies, you have to keep yourself moving on, you just don’t have to be stagnated. Blogging is not a sit and forget game; it is and will forever be a continuity game.
The above are four great tips to help you be a successful blogger! Happy blogging!


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