Sunday, June 12, 2011

Get 1 Year Hosting Free From DotEasy

Are you planning to start a new website? Then wait for a minute because this post is for you only.DotEasy web hosting company is giving out free hosting for one year. All you have to do is just buy a new domain from them and you will get 1 year hosting free. You can buy any domain extension i.e .com or .net or .org that will cost you about $7.95

How to get free hosting

  • First, visit DotEasy, now in the right hand select “Register a NEW domain and get 100MB FREE Web Hosting ” radio button.
  • At the bottom, type your domain name and click on Search.
  • When, you will buy the domain, do not forget to enter 1003BPM promo code. Have a look:
  • By using this code you will get 100MB web hosting disk space and 1GB monthly web traffic and you can also host multiple domains.
  • This is a great deal, if you are starting a personal website.
  • There is no hurry, this offer is valid till 31st Dec, 2010
Visit and enjoy: DotEasy

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