Sunday, June 12, 2011

Satoshi Blogger Template

Hello to all of you people as you might be seeing I m on strike of releasing blogger templates. so heres newblogger template this was requested quit early but was one of the difficult task so i didnt released it early . This template was request by two of the Users of Glue and aRkimz so too them heres your dream template this templates home is fully controlled using Javascript and the Java Script automatically adds the featured Post that is to be Show on the homepage and The other Three that are at the bottom.
Screen Shots :
Satoshi Blogger TemplateSatoshi Blogger Template
Satoshi Blogger Template
Download : Satoshi Download
Customization :
Customizing Featured Post :
  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Upload your Satoshi Template
  3. Once you have uploaded
  4. Then Find For this Code :
    label1 = "WORLD";
    Satoshi Blogger Template
  5. Now change the Word WORLD with Label that you want to keep the post at featured Post.
    Note : the Code is Case Sensitive you made mistake the post wont appear.
  6. Now click on Save
Note : you cannot see post in the preview mode.
Hope All of you people like and Appreciate my work.
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