Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lightword Blogger Template

Hi Friends this is been my fourth Contious Blogger Template . This one is already converted by but my visitor Glue didn't like its conversion because many factors were missing and was not a replica of the wordpress version so i again i undertook the work to make it an absolute Replica so i have done the work with the awesome wordpress template that was downloaded 30,000 times in the first week. So here's itBlogger Version an Perfect Replica with the use of Cufon.
Screen Shot:
Lightword Blogger Template
Lightword Blogger Template
Lightword Blogger Template
Download : LightWord Download

3 Column :

After the request from CJ :
can i request for lightword three column template for blogger?? The two column template is pretty. But the three column template is more useful —>
I have made the 3 column Template as per Requested by CJ
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