Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Get Approved for Google Adsense

Google AdsenseMost of the new bloggers step into blogging only because of Google adsense. They think that they can make some money from their blog with Google adsense. But when they don’t get approved by adsense they are left with only one choice to quit blogging. When I was on blogger, I applied for adsense account and I got approved in the first attempt only. May be at that time the adsense team was not so strcict. But time has changed now and adsense policies too. Now days Google team is more strict and getting an adsense account approved is not that easy task.
Here are few tips to get your adsense account approved :
  • Buy your own domain name:

    You must buy your own domain name before applying for an Adsense account. Buying your own top level domain not only helps in getting approved by adsense team but it helps your site in other ways too. Suppose in future you decide to move your blog from blogger to wordpress then at that time if you have your own domain name then you will  not face any traffic loss or PR change.
  • Write Original  content:

    Always write original content as Google hates those publishers who copy paste content from other sources. Your content must also be in accordance with adsense program policies. Don’t think that you can apply for an account only after writing 2-3 articles. So try to apply for adsense account only after your blog have got around 25-30 original articles.
  • Age of blog :

    You will not get approved if your blog is not old anough. According to the latest Adsense program policies, your blog must be 6 months old to get approved for adsense.
  • Traffic :

    Low traffic is the main reason for rejection of your application. They will not accept your application if your blog is not getting enough traffic to fulfil the requirements of their adwords advertisers. They think that if your website/blog is not getting much traffic then your adsense account may financially damage their advertisers.
  • Use valid address and email :

    Google accepts the applications of only those publishers who use the valid address and email. You must provide valid name and address while filling the application form.
  • Use professional theme :

    It’s clear from the adsense program policies that your blog must have professional looks and it must be optimized too. The websites which take too much time to load and which have difficult site navigation will not be approved. You must also check your blog for non-functioning (broken) links.
    If you are on WordPress then you may read my article : 16 Free WordPress themes that will make you forget Premium Themes
I’m sure that if you follow the tips explained above, you will surely get your adsense account approved. If you are still facing any difficulty getting your adsense account approved then leave a comment here or contact me.


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