Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Earn money from free Domain

These Days Google adsense and other ad publisher Network are providing a best option to earn money through your domains.
This program looks very interesting : why? because you have a only domain and no website. then you can use that domain to earn money easily .

Now question arise how we can earn money ?

Answer is simple , your unused domain will directly used by google adsense . they will put there ads and search box with in . when any buddy visit thats domain address then google ads will displayed at there .

Now you have no domain and you are a adsense publisher user . Then we will also help you to earn money with a free domain .

These days only one site is giving a option to get a free domain .

That is : http://www.co.cc/

First Register a free domain then Follow few stelps under .

Step 1 : Go to your google adsense account in adsense setup section .

 step 2 : park your free domain in adsense for domain section

step 3 : your domain is added but not active

 step 4: Go to your co.cc Account and in that go Domain setting

Step 5: Setup your domain which you added in google adsense for doamin

step 6: Go in zone record section and in that past all values which you got in step 3

step 7 : Now your all step 3 value is added in co.cc account and it
looks like .


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