Sunday, June 19, 2011

10+ Top Paying Keywords for Google Adsense

Google Adsense revenue based on keywords. There are many blogs which earned a heavy income by using these keywords. Some keywords may pay just $0.01 but some may are more than $20. There are many sites which provide highest paying keywords of adsense, but all of them are fake*. To be a successful blogger you should use these highest paying keywords and the keyword you are using shouldn’t have huge competition. The highest paying keywords contain 45000+ which have bid price of more than $1.

If you want to check the top paying keywords you can check this tool

Here is the list of Highest Paying Keywords for Google
  1. domains yahoo with Max CPC = $520.52 and Avg. CPC = $97.44
  2. domain name yahoo with Max CPC = $418.63 and Avg. CPC = 79.81
  3. dc hair laser removal with Max CPC = $145.71 and Avg. CPC = $68.91
  4. law lemon with Max CPC = $119.63 and Avg. CPC = $66.15
  5. hair removal washington dc with Max CPC = $135.94 and Avg. CPC = $51.14
  6. domain registration yahoo with Max CPC = $493.73 and Avg. CPC = $41.97
  7. benchmark lending with Max CPC = $262.02 and Avg. CPC = $40.36
  8. domain yahoo with Max CPC = $438.23 and Avg. CPC = $38.05
  9. yahoo web hosting with Max CPC = $330.50 and Avg. CPC = $37.86
  10. hair laser removal virginia with Max CPC = $121.86 and Avg. CPC = $37.29
  11. peritoneal mesothelioma with Max CPC = $46.38 and Avg. CPC = $36.55
  12. equity loan with Max CPC = $101.30 and Avg. CPC = $19.17
  13. personal yahoo with Max CPC = $240.78 and Avg. CPC = $17.98


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