Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 Tips to Earn More Thoughtful Comments to Your Blog

dfProfessional bloggers know its importance and amateur bloggers wish to see it more. It is a blog comment. Even though you write quality content which is quite useful you hardly see a comment left by visitors. Research says majority of online users visit your pages without contributing while a rare few leave comment after reading a blog.

So, don’t lose heart when you see no comment on a blog post that you created with all your honest effort. As a blogger you need to find a way out to increase the rate of blog commenting from your readers. Here are a few suggestions that might help:
1. Invite personally: Explicitly ask people to comment on your blog. You can personally mail links of your new posts to your friends and contacts with a polite request to visit your latest post and leave their valuable comments. Personal approach often motivates people to participate.
2. Use easy commenting method: Make sure you use an easy-to-use blog commenting method. Complex blog commenting process and compulsory registration prior comment posting dampen readers spirit and may drive them away.
3. Be interactive: Even if you have provided solution to a problem in your post, asking questions or seeking alternative solutions is a good way to trigger response. It means that you need to be articulate in telling all the things you know yet leaving room for others to add to what you have said. You can end your post by explicitly asking your readers to opine on the topic or share their views.
4. Comment on other’s blog: It requires extra time and effort. But it is an effective way to secure more comment for your blog. As you keep reading and commenting on other’s blog they will feel the same way to get back to you and participate in your blog. It not only helps you in creating a blogging niche but also ensure some quality back links for your blog.
5. Networking: Whether it is social media networking with Facebook, Twitter or registering your blog with networks of blogs such as Weblogs or Technorati it always proves beneficial for a blogger. Social networks help driving more traffic to your site while blog networks allow you to communicate and develop relationship with fellow bloggers.
6. Allow DoFollow commenting: The primary concern of allowing dofollow is the loss of PR and spamming. But in reality PR is passed on but you don’t lose yours. As for spamming, you have the authority to approve all comment and opt out spammers.
There are several benefits of dofollow blog commenting service that on the contrary, helps you gain. It gives a reason to other bloggers and site owners to visit and comment on your blog for their personal interest of earning links. In turn, you get more relevant and authoritative comments that add value to your webpage in terms of search engines. If your WordPress blog is nofollow you can convert it to dofollow by modifying the core code. It’s for free but requires technical understanding while adding dofollow plug-in is an easier option that may cost you extra bucks. And don’t forget to submit your blogs links to dofollow web directories.
However, if you find it hard to manage the job or can not give more time to your daily blogging you always have an alternative. You can outsource the entire task to an Indian SEO company at an affordable rate.
Well, there are downsides of allowing blog commenting such as spamming or negative comments but there is no denying that comments with substance helps you assess your work. Whether it is participation in the discussion you started or constructive criticism any sort of contribution from reader’s part encourages the writer to carry on with his/her work.

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