Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 Tips to Comment Effectively

We all know that commenting is very important for both readers and writers. Few benefits of comments are to increase backlinks, good for SEO, recognized by other bloggers and drive traffic. But to get all these benefits it is important that we must take care of few factors while commenting.
It doesn’t matter where you are giving your comments, it might be on any blog, Facebook, Twitter or forums. All you need is to provide a valuable and quality comment. While reading your comment both reader and other commentators must feel that you read the article properly and have good insight about the topic.
If you want to provide a quality comment, here are few tips to check out:
Read the article carefully:
Many of the bloggers don’t care to read article carefully before commenting. If you will just comment to get backlinks, you will surely ignore to read article properly. Reading article properly gives you good insight and thus you can comment effectively and increase your knowledge. Thus don’t comment just to get backlinks, it is better to gain knowledge through article and then provide comments.
Proper suggestions:
If you are giving any suggestions, tips or insight about the topic make sure you have knowledge about it, don’t just write according to some guess. Another thing to remember is to make sure that before pointing out any mistake in article, read it carefully. I have seen many bloggers always ready to find mistakes just to show off and don’t even try to understand what writer want to say.
Relevant comment:
Your comment should not go off the topic. Make sure your make comment relevant to article so that even other find it useful. Many bloggers prefer to write long comments to attract other blogger but long comments are only worth if they are useful and relevant to the article. It’s better to go for short but to the point comment rather than going for a useless long comment.
Respect the writer:
Even you don’t agree with writer or find any errors in the article, always tell about error politely. If your comment shows rudeness or attitudes, no one will give credence to such comments. The writer is human and he/she can make mistakes. If you think that you want to give feedback to improve writer’s writing skills or knowledge about that topic, then you can also send email to writer personally.
No spamming:
Including links to comments is not bad, but you must only add relevant and useful links. All bloggers hate spamming thus you should always avoid doing it. You can use commentluv plugin effectively, if it is available by selecting an article of your blog which is relevant to article you are commenting on. This will help to drive targeted traffic to your blog which is much better than spamming.
Commenting is about sharing your views about any article, so always provide valuable comment which is useful for writer as well as other readers. If you have more tips to share about commenting, do share with us.

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