Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Ultimate Collection Of HQ GOLD Wallpapers

Everybody likes Gold and gold related products. While writing my previous post on 28 hand picked high quality hand picked abstract wallpapers, I came across some Gold wallpapers. I have collected 24 best Gold related wallpapers in this collection of wallpapers. You can download and give a GOLD effect to your desktop with these high quality gold wallpapers
  1. Gold Wallpaper5161_5
  2. Suzuki Golden Brakesuzuki_golden_brake_1024x768
  3. Gold Bars and StonesGold_bars_and_stones
  4. Xmas Golden GlobeXmas Golden Globe Wallpaper
  5. Symbol of ProsperitySymbol_of_prosperity
  6. Gold Bullion Bar on the Scales5190_5
  7. Golden Eggs5137_5
  8. German 2 Euro Coinsgerman-2-euro-coins-wallpaper
  9. Pot of GoldPot_of_gold
  10. Nescafe GoldNescafe Gold
  11. Money In All Shapesmoney-in-all-shapes-wallpaper
  12. More Gold BuildingMore Gold building
  13. GoldGold
  14. Gold Bullion on the ScalesGold_bullion_on_the_scales
  15. Golden Gate Bridgegolden-gate-bridge-wallpaper
  16. Great Buildinggreat-building-wallpaper
  17. Golden Leafgolden_leaf
  18. Gold Wallpaper #187085184_5
  19. Gold JewelryGold_jewelry
  20. Bentley W66 GTS Gold2008-ASI-Bentley-W66-GTS-Gold-Front
  21. Gold RenaissanceGold_Renaissance
  22. The Alchemy of Gold LusterThe_alchemy_of_gold_luster
  23. The Golden era WPThe_golden_era_WP



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