Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Post Widget for Blogger

Random Post Widget for Blogger

Random Post Widget for Blogger
Although "Related Posts Widget" is important for all types of blogs, but in blogs where almost all the posts are similar (like blogs with articles on recipes, money-making, computer tricks or automobiles etc.), visitors usually do not mind reading some quite-unrelated posts too. So along with Related Posts widget, a "Random Posts widget" on your blog will help you to increase the number of page impressions.
Adding a Random posts widget is very easy...
Click Below button to Add the Random post Widget :

Customization :
  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Then Click on the Edit Link of Random post widget.
  3. Now Find this numofpost=6
  4. Then Change the number from 6 to the desired number of posts you want to show.
  5. Then Click on save button and you are done 
  6. Enjoy Random post widget.
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