Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Download Facebook Videos

Facebook allows its users to upload videos and share the videos with their friends. With millions of users connected to Facebook, quite often we get some interesting videos shared on our wall and we can’t resist ourselves to download the videos to show it our offline friends. Facebook has no official way to download Facebook videos. Here I will share an easy to use way to download videos from Facebook.
I have already shared 10 websites to download YouTube videos. Now here is a tutorial to download videos from Facebook.

How to Download Facebook Videos

1. To download the video from Facebook, go to your Facebook account and copy the link of the video. To get the link of the video, right-click on the title of the video and select Copy Link Location.
2. Now go to Facebook Video Down and paste the copied video URL there. Click on Download button.
3. When you click on the Download button, another button will appear there, saying Download this video. Click on that button.
4. Clicking on Download this video button will open a new pop up window. Choose Save file option from pop up window and save the file to your hard disk.
Now you have downloaded a video from Facebook to your hard disk. If you have enjoyed this tutorial consider sharing it with your friends.

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