Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guerilla v2.2 - Blogger Template

Hello to everyone its been some time that i haven't released any blogger template and Today i received an Request from aRkimz™. He Requested me to convert a Template named Guerilla v2.2 this template is simple but Completes each and every need of the users From Social Bookmarking to Related posts and Adsense Ready. You can also Request to convert from wordpress to Blogger Here.
Features :
1. Simple Minimalist Looks :
Guerilla v2.2   Blogger Template
2. Below Post (Related Posts, Social Bookmarking, Adsense) :
Guerilla v2.2   Blogger Template
3. Breadcrumb , Subscription :
Guerilla v2.2   Blogger Template
Download : Click Here
Request For WordPress to Blogger for Free

1 comment:

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