Saturday, June 11, 2011

Google Talk Sortcurts

I think many of the user an visitor of my site might be knowing the google messenger which is called GTalk (Google Talk) officially released by google . it good simple and lighter it is just about 1 or 2 MB but it is great i too use it and it is too simple to use but today i will make it more simple to you to use by giving some shortcuts.
Dont have GTalk Click Here to Download.
Here are some Keyboard Shorcuts :
CTRL + Mousewheel up/down: Change the font size in a conversation window. CTRL + E: Center text CTRL + R: Right justify text CTRL + L or CTRL+J: Left justify text F9: Open Gmail to send an email to the person you talk to F11: Start a call F12: Stop the current call ESC: Close the current window Tab – Switches to next opened gtalk window. (same effect with Ctrl+tab and Shift+tab) Shift + Tab – The same thing does that Tab but in reverse. Ctrl + Shift + L – Switch between points, numbers, letters, capital letters, roman numbers and capital roman numbers
Bold Text : Use asterix before and after the text to make it bold. Like *hello* will make it hello. Italic Text : Use underscores before and after the text to make it italic. Like _hello_ will make it hello. Want to leave blank message : Just Press Shift + Enter together and meassage box will become big then leave shift and Just press Enter and the blank message will be received by your friend.

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