Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 Tips for Promoting Your Blog

Guest Post by MarieLorran
Every blogger has to start out somewhere. The problem is that while many of us will start out with family and friends as readers, some of us will never grow past this initial core group. Once those readers get tired, who will you have left? No one.
Active promotion of your blog should begin with the very first post. While you want the word to spread about your site and articles, you don’t want to spam everyone under the sun, either. Here are 5 things you can do to promote your blog without earning yourself a red-flag for being annoying.

Search for Blogs in Your Niche

There are really two reasons you should be looking for other blogs in your niche. The first is that you should view others with the same interests as colleagues in the field – not as simple competition. They’d like to know what you are doing just as much as you’d like to know what they are up to. Consider it an exchange of ideas. The second reason is so that you can leave comments with your link in the signature – building backlinks to your blog on “related” sites. Related sites hold more weight in Google than random, non-related sites.

Update Your Email Signature

Do you regularly send emails to your friends and family members? Adding your blog address to your automatic email signature is a great way of letting your contacts – both old and new – know that you’ve got a website. Don’t take anyone for granted. You may think you’ve told someone about your new site but you may not have – or they may have forgotten.

Network on Facebook and Twitter

Don’t join a bunch of Facebook pages just to spam your blog links. Take some time to get to know the other members of the group and share your tips and ideas in the comments sections. You’ll eventually be able to occasionally share a link of your own or, if applicable, refer one of your new friends to a specific post on your blog that covers the topic in question. (*Hint* – You may even want to write a post covering a topic if you haven’t already).

Write a Linkbait Post

What’s linkbait? Linkbait posts are high-quality pieces of content that people absolutely love. They generally include controversial topics, lists, humor, and more. Linkbait posts generally do very well on social bookmarking sites and go viral in terms of link sharing. Put some effort into a good, strong linkbait post and you’ll receive traffic from it for months on end.

Add Social Media Buttons to Your Blog

Speaking of social media, you should definitely add social media buttons to your blog. There are some great plug-ins you can use to allow your readers to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and more at the click of a button. One of the best forms of promotion is word-of-mouth. Write quality content and your readers will do the rest for you.
Be creative. The more you do to promote your blog from the start, the stronger your following will become. Good luck!

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