Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Best Websites For Free Blogger Templates is the best platform for anyone to start his blogging career for free of cost. In the past, there were not much designers for blogger templates so the resources too were very few. But now the quality and quantity of blogger templates has got significant increase.
These days, you can get almost every WordPress theme converted into blogger template. AsWordPress themes are better in quality so blogger templates are also getting better now. We can get features like featured slide show, jquery tabbed menu, magazine style blogger template and much more.
In this post, I’ll list top 10 websites from where you can download quality blogger templates for free of cost.

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Top 10 Resources For Free Blogger Templates

  1. Btemplates

  2. Deluxe Templates

    Deluxe Templates
  3. eBlog Templates

    eBlog Templates
  4. BlogCrowds

  5. Blogger Themes

  6. Theme Craft

  7. AllBlogTools

  8. Blogger Templates Blog

  9. BieTemplate

  10. Our Blogger Templates

  11. Anshul Dudeja

Additional Resources

  1. Blogspot Templates
  2. ipietoon
  3. Pyzam
  4. Blogger Template Place
  5. Zoom Template
  6. The Blog Templates
  7. WP Blogger Themes
  8. Blogspot Tutorial
  9. Blogger Templates Free
I tried to put all the best resources for free blogger templates in this list. If you think that I missed a website then do not hesitate to share that link.

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